Two Reasons Why Dentures May Be The Ideal Choice For You

These days, it seems that more people than ever are jumping on the dental and mini-dental implant train.  However, if you have one or more missing teeth, it may be wise for you to take a second look at traditional dentures.  While dentures are removable and dental implants are not, they offer their wearers a number of benefits that you may have overlooked.  Learning more about the advantages of wearing dentures can help you determine if they are the ideal choice for you.

Dentures Are Not What They Used To Be

If you are averse to getting dentures because you can only picture the false-looking, overly large versions that your grandparents used to wear, you may want to think again.  Dentures have come a very long way, and you may be amazed at the options that are available to you when you choose them.  

For example, if you notice that your face has begun to take on a gaunt appearance because of missing teeth, you may elect to get facelift dentures.  Facelift dentures are designed to correct the structure of your jawbone so that your face appears fuller and your profile is as close to its former state as possible.  

In addition, modern dentures are designed to fit even more securely so you can talk and eat the foods you love without fear that your dentures will loosen or come out.  

Dentures Are The Affordable Choice

Another reason why dentures are such an excellent alternative to dental implants is because they are much more affordable.  You're going to need a relatively substantial amount of money on hand in order to get dental implants, since a single implant costs an average of $4,250 dollars.  This is not even taking into account the additional expenses for X-rays, bone grafts and extractions, which can drive the cost to as much as $10,000 dollars.

Dentures, on the other hand, will be much more affordable for you.  Basic dentures will cost you anywhere from $600 - 1,000 dollars for a full set of upper and lower teeth.  The best part is, your medical insurer may pay for as much as 15% - 50% (up to your plan's limit) if it's determined that dentures are a medical necessity for you.  You won't likely have the option of getting help from your insurance company if you choose implants, since they are largely seen as cosmetic rather than essential.

Dentures are the perfect way for you to replace your missing teeth without breaking the bank.  Consider getting dentures (from specialists like Village Green Denturist) so you can enjoy these benefits and many more.