3 Quick And Healthy Ways To Freshen Your Breath

You instinctively flash a smile when you meet someone new or greet a friend. When starting a conversation, you want to be more focused on the content than on the presentation of your smile. Another factor that comes into play is the freshness of your breath. If you have just eaten a large meal or you are experiencing stomach trouble, it is likely that your breath does not smell as good as you want it to. Brushing your teeth and seeing your dentist regularly helps to manage your dental health and incidences of bad breath, but you can also take it a step further. Here are three quick and healthy ways to freshen your breath.

Chew on xylitol-sweetened gum to reduce bacteria.

Chewing gum usually comes in a pleasant scent, whether it is the refreshing coolness of mint or the peppery sweetness of cinnamon. Even more important than the gum's scent is the source it uses to derive sweetness. Xylitol is a sweetener derived from berries and natural fibers that helps to fight cavities and gum disease. Xylitol-sweetened gum does not just freshen your breath, it also helps to fight the cause of your bad breath. Xylitol has been shown to fight the effects of bad, cavity-causing bacteria in clinical settings.

Drink more water to reduce food residues on your teeth.

A simple, inexpensive way to manage your bad breath is to just drink more water. Bad breath is caused by emissions of bad bacteria in your mouth. The bacteria binds with food residues on your teeth to produce the acid that degrades your enamel and causes cavities. Water helps to neutralize the threat of bad bacteria by washing away food residues that are left on your teeth after you eat. Water can also help to balance the pH level in your mouth.

Add some spice to your snacks for antimicrobial benefits.

It might surprise you to learn that spices can help you manage the quality of your breath. Many spices have antimicrobial properties and have been used in medicine and remedies for years. While spices themselves may not completely neutralize and get rid of bad bacteria that affects your breath, they can still provide a quick solution. Add cinnamon, clove, anise, and ginger into your snacks to help manage your bad breath. Most of these spices have a unique, lovely scent that can mask your bad breath until you can brush your teeth.  

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