Three Tips To Mitigate Mouth Soreness When Using A Denture For The First Time

If you're suffering from any number of dental maladies, such as gum disease, a denture will be instrumental in bringing your mouth to a normal and sustainable state. However, it might be difficult adjusting to uncomfortable soreness that any denture will initially inflict on your mouth. In order to mitigate any mouth soreness from your new denture, don't forget to try these three tips.

Gurgle Salt Water Before Putting On Your Denture For The Morning

Gurgling salt water does wonders for preventing swelling as a result of both soreness and bacterial infection of the gums. For mild to moderate pain, it's the best palliative that you can take without having to go to the dentist.

And if you know that you're going to be suffering periodic soreness for a while because of your denture, it makes a lot of sense to gurgle a small amount of salt water preemptively. This way, you don't have to go to the trouble of actually feeling a significant amount of gum pain every time you put on your denture.

Consider Getting Denture Paste

Your denture is designed to fit in your mouth without the support of any kind of adhesive. But for the initial adjustment period, a small amount of denture paste is great for smoothing out any bumps in your gum line and making sure that your denture has as secure a fit as possible.

However, you should only get a small container of paste with the understanding that you'll ween yourself off of it as soon as your mouth soreness fades. Regular use of dental paste will only lead to dependency and an abnormal amount of soreness when you finally stop applying it.

Try Not To Flex Your Face Muscles Too Much

Too much talking will lead to stressed muscles and heightened mouth soreness. The same can be true for smiling. While this doesn't mean that you should cut talking and smiling out of your life, it does mean that you should consider taking occasional breaks from social interaction to give your facial muscles a chance to recover.

One way to cut down on facial muscle strain is by going for periodic walks around your home or workplace that last about as long as a typical smoke break.

Mouth soreness can be a very annoying issue if it's not properly addressed. The only way you can be sure that it'll go away in a timely manner is if you take serious measures to mitigate it from the beginning. For more information about your dentures, contact a local dental clinic.